Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Store Name
******proseller***** *
How has zazzle changed your life? *
It gave me a place to continue...when I thought this business was over for me. I am still rebuilding, and in a way it's a never ending process. But it's a good, positive process.
Zazzle is a... *
  • Part Time Job
What advice would you share with a friend or family member if they wanted to join zazzle? *
It's really an awesome way to use your creative side, but you have to work it like a job if you want to make any money at it.
What other PODs do you use? *
  • Zazzle
  • Cafepress
  • Imagekind (by Cafepress)
What do you do when you are not zazzling? *
Work out, cruise Facebook, play online poker.
How many stores do you have on zazzle? *
Which do you prefer and why? 1 Mega Store or Several Niche Stores *
I used to have a mega store on another POD. Trying niche stores here. I think it was nice to have one website to send everyone to...but niche stores make it possible to focus on one thing at a time and market that to a specific demographic.
I usually work... *
  • On my laptop at a desk
  • On my laptop on my lap
  • On my laptop in bed
A List of your stores *

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