Sunday, August 15, 2010


What are your favorite products to designs for? (select all that apply) *
  • T-Shirts
How long have you been working with Zazzle or other POD's *
Less then 6 months
What affect has zazzle had on your life in 25 words or more
I am new to Zazzle, just less than month. I am doing microstock over the two years and was searching for some other opportunities. So that I found Zazzle, I didn't expect anything, and it turns out that my expectations were right. I am very disappointed with this business, even though I have a great designs. So the Zazzle affect was nothing special, except of (temporary) waste of time.
In an average week how much time do you put into your shops including making designs, adding them to your store, advertising, reading the forums, doing other research or zazzle related work?
(estimate the average week where do you fall)
2-4 hours (15 - 35 minutes per day)
What percentage of time do you spend designing/adding products vs advertising/working on referral sites (this includes blogs twitter forums websites and other means of advertising)
100% adding designs - i do not advertise at all
What was your favorite design to make & why? (whether it has sold or not pick just 1 & include the link to the product page NOT the image link)
I am making the products with my microstock designs, and only with the best of them. And this is one of them:
How many shops do you have on zazzle?
List your shop urls 1 per line with a 5-10 word description after each
(use format - designs for people who love dogs)
Modern designs, mainly emo/punk and hip hop/urban designs.

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