Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kristi's Gift Shop

Kristi's Gift Shop
How did you pick your store(s) name(s)?
(feel free to write up each shop name if they each have a story) *

With my original store, "Kristi's Gift Shop" it was so easy to choose a name. My name is Kristi and I began it with the idea of having customizable gifts available for purchase. After all, it was just before the Christmas shopping season when I first signed up at Zazzle.

For my 2nd store, "Moments by KGS", I decided to do a spin-off of my original store's name but since this 2nd store is for baby announcements, invitations, and business cards (basically paper products), I needed a name that reflected what the store would be selling. I decided on "Moments" since the main theme of the store would be products you use to celebrate "moments" in life. So, Moments by KGS was born.

My 3rd store is another theme store. I enjoy doing artwork - and as artwork can be very subjective - it just didn't fit into my main gift shop's offerings. I came up with the name, "The Abstract World of Lyranny Hawk" because Lyranny Hawk is a pseudonym I have chosen for my artistic expressions. A large portion of my artwork is abstract or at least flirts with the abstract side and so the name just fits.

What forms of advertising do you use online? (check all that apply) *
  • Squidoo
  • Wordpress
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Search engine submissions
  • Self hosted websites
How much do you spend monthly on advertising? (include hosting fees domain fees) *
What are your 5 favorite designs from your store(s) and why?
(include the url to the product pages)

My first favorite product is this "Favorites Recipes Binder". It is on my list of favorites because it is the first thing that I ever sold and I was so excited to see it sell many many times over during the Christmas shopping season! It inspired me to keep designing.

2nd on my list of favorites is this pair of Pro-Keds with funky stars and stripes. It was one of the first Pro-Keds designs that I did and I was so happy with them that I bought a pair for my daughter. I think they show off my unique shoe style. Keds does an amazing job on the shoes and I have been so happy with the purchase.

The 3rd product on my list of favorites is this embroidered "Proud Nurse" cap. I enjoy making embroidered designs and I was extremely pleased with the way that this one came out.

My 4th favorite design is one of my favorites because it incorporates a patriotic design into a "Summer Recipes Binder". I am very patriotic by nature so it was a lot of fun working on this design.

And finally, last on my list of favorite designs is this "Neon Party" invitation. It has been a great seller for me and I just love the way it really looks like neon against the black background.

Do you have shops on other PODs?
Yes - but zazzle is my primary POD
What other PODs do you use now or have you used in the past?
  • Redbubble
  • Imagekind
What are your feelings on...Clipart, Stock-photos, Public domain images, or other LEGAL to use free or paid images/photos...being used in zazzle shops?
I do not use it but if it helps other people they should use it - not everyone is an artist
List your shops using the following format: - Shop Name - short description of shop * - Kristi's Gift Shop - This shop carries a wide range of gift ideas, recipe binders, Keds, etc... Most products are customizable. - Moments by KGS - This specialty shop carries invitation sets (invites, postage, thank you notes) and business cards. - The Abstract World of Lyranny Hawk - The unique artistic works of Lyranny Hawk.


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