Tuesday, August 3, 2010


How did you pick your store(s) name(s)?
(feel free to write up each shop name if they each have a story) *
"Designs By Dan Radcliffe" was just a simple descriptive name for my shop that I originally put on the shop until I could think of something else. I always figured I would come up with some trendy catchy name, but nothing ever sounded quite right. My shop is an eclectic mix of my designs, a little of everything from my cartoon drawings to artsy paintings, so "Designs" became the all-encompassing term for what I have in my shop. The name caught on, stuck, and has served me well.
What forms of advertising do you use online? (check all that apply) *
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter
  • Self hosted websites
How much do you spend monthly on advertising? (include hosting fees domain fees) *
What are your 5 favorite designs from your store(s) and why?
(include the url to the product pages)

This design really works for me, all of the elements came together exactly as I had hoped, and I really love the end result.

Settle Down, Class! print
Settle Down, Class! by dradcliffe
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This design is one of my favorites, and a lot of school teachers seem to agree. I have sold a lot and have gotten fun positive feedback from buyers. I think the humor is universal.

This is just a charming image if I do say so myself, and a lot of my customers seem to think so too, as I have sold tons of these.
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble card
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble by dradcliffe
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This Halloween card is one of my favorites. It was fun to design and the humor still makes me laugh.

I was unsure of this taxicab design at first, but once I saw how it turned out I really likes the finished product. Lots of sales on this one too, so I guess I did something right.

Do you have shops on other PODs?
No - but I did in the past
What other PODs do you use now or have you used in the past?
  • Cafepress
What are your feelings on...Clipart, Stock-photos, Public domain images, or other LEGAL to use free or paid images/photos...being used in zazzle shops?
I do not use it but if it helps other people they should use it - not everyone is an artist
List your shops using the following format:
http://www.zazzle.com/shopid - Shop Name - short description of shop *
www.zazzle.com/dradcliffe - Designs By Dan Radcliffe - Fun and family friendly designs ranging from cute to fun to funny to slightly offbeat. ENJOY!

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