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I like to place links to individual products on my Facebook pages. When you own the page, you can do it in advance, and I tend to set them a month at a time. I can do it in a couple of hours and know that my advertising for that particular niche is done for thirty days.

I have a Facebook page for "flagnation", "maryandjesus", "awardgear", "laughstuff" and "thedemocratlady".

I have shops at several different print-on-demand (POD) sites, most of them use the same name, no matter what the POD, and on my Facebook pages, I can promote any product from any POD.

I can do the same thing from my blogs and Twitter accounts. I tend not to use Twitter that much, but most of my other social media accounts are set to automatically tweet when there is a post from the blog, Facebook page or whatever else I might use.

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What is the best advice you have receieved when working with PODs, that should be passed on to other shopkeepers? *

PODs used to be very lucrative. That is no longer the case. Royalties and commissions are being cut drastically at nearly every POD in existence.

Gone are the days when you could put up one design and get a sale in a month or two. You must be willing to work, and work HARD. You have to think of this as a full-time job, and put in twelve to eighteen hours a day.

And it is not just about adding designs anymore. You need to promote your designs. You need LOTS of designs, as in hundreds and hundreds, even thousands.

You need a blog, a Facebook account, a twitter account; you must post your products to Polyvore, Pinterest, and anywhere you can.

And you must be prepared to pay for advertising. SAVE every dime you make until you can afford to spend it on advertising. Because the only way you will make any real money is to stop depending on the marketplace in the various PODs and get buyers into your shops.

Do you prefer to work in silence or with sound? *
Noise, Silence...Makes not difference I can work anywhere
What do you find influences your designs the most? Why do you make the niche or style that you make? *

Most of my designs involve the flag of a particular country. It is fun to follow holidays and try to create design that show love, pride and honor a particular ancestry, heritage or culture. Sometimes it is just fun to make something for someone that travels.
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