Saturday, March 30, 2013

Valentyna Chukhlyebova

You name or Shopid *
Valentyna Chukhlyebova
Which PODs do you work with? (in no particular order *
  • cafepress
  • zazzle
  • redbubble
  • society6
  • fine art america
How long have you been working with PODs? *
1-2 years
What is the best thing about working with PODs *
I love the possibility to improve myself and to get every time more motivation when the products are selling. Great to know how the other designers are working and to learn how to use the special designs for the special products. Every day you learn more and more and you do what you are really interested in. You learn to understand what kind of products the customers are looking for and get a bit feeling about it and how the different things are working in the internet, like SEO, keywording and other stuff. It's a long way but it is a great fun!
How many hours do you spend on your POD(s) - including designing, adding & promoting - on average *
20-30 hours per week
what would you say to another POD artist who is struggling and in need of motivation? *

Well, I have enough motivation because I love what I do but I am struggling too... Of course it is very frustrating if the sales are falling and you don't know if you shop will be successful, today, tomorrow, 5 years after or even later... However every day gives you more experience and more feeling how to improve yourself. One has just to do it again and again and not to forget to learn from the different sources, like tutorials, groups and so on. Every day you are getting better in things that you are doing with heart. Social medias can be frustrating but it gives us a possibilities to communicate , to learn from each other and to show our products to the customers. It is very helpful if you have your blog or your own website. If nobody can find your products, how would somebody buy them? Anyway, there are lots of things you have to think about but it makes it interesting!

Do you have any formal training or education in POD related fields? *
  • Yes, Formal - Graphic Arts
If I won the super jackpot lottery tomorrow I would... *
Keep working my POD's for fun
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