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Which PODs do you work with? (in no particular order *
  • zazzle
How long have you been working with PODs? *
1-2 years
What is the best thing about working with PODs *

Freedom and flexibility to stay at home with my children while at the same time finding an outlet that allows me to financially capitalize on my artistic endeavours. I would paint and draw anyway, but the extra income from PODs allows me to see this as something other than an expensive hobby or a frivolous waste of time. Socializing and networking with other artists and POD people is also very rewarding. While I'd love to one day allow my husband to quit his day job and just travel the country together, that day is a long way off. Until (or if) that dream is ever realized, PODs provide an easily accessible, approachable forum for artists and people who have other great ideas to bring their products to the masses with little to no investment, make some extra money, and achieve the deep-seated satisfaction that comes in knowing that someone else out there loves your art enough to buy it.

How many hours do you spend on your POD(s) - including designing, adding & promoting - on average *
40-50 hours per week
what would you say to another POD artist who is struggling and in need of motivation? *

You will put in long, hard hours at the beginning with little return, but if you stick with it, nothing beats the feeling of making your first sale, hitting that next seller level, and getting that paycheck every month that can go towards discretionary income, Christmas gifts, or that dream vacation you might not otherwise be able to afford. As the internet likes to say, Keep Calm and Carry On. However, after advising quite a few people who were initially interested in starting on a POD, only to see interest quickly wane when they realized that it takes a huge amount of effort (which, do not fear, will one day be rewarded) to get started, I would add one final, perhaps cautionary piece of advice. PODs are not a get-rich quick scheme, or something you can just jump into to replace your job right off the bat. However, for the dedicated individual who is committed to working hard and truly believes in their art, I would say, stick with it, th e sales will come, just focus on making the best art you can.

Do you have any formal training or education in POD related fields? *
  • Yes, Formal - computer related services
  • Yes, informal/community course - web design
  • Yes, informal/community course - marketing
  • No - I am self taught
  • No - I have no clue how I stumble through
If I won the super jackpot lottery tomorrow I would... *
Keep working my POD's for fun
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