Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ixodoi Dae

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Ixodoi Dae
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My favorite way to advertise my work is to use social media. It is the faster and by far bring more sales then any other way. Right now Pinterest is the best in drawing new sales. Just don't forget to add a price when you pin the item (and your ref code of course).

I also like blogging (not necessarily about my POD) so I use that as well. My blogging I means both actually writing about it in my blog and publishing articles in websites such as Squidoo etc. Those sites are great to get new visitors and also to get backlinks to your blog which makes it rank higher (and therefore get more SE visitors)

However, the best way is to combine all the ways together. The more exposure you get - the more changes are that buyers will be exposed to your work and buy it. Also, it increases the chance that other will share your work online- -helping you to advertise your work.

How much money do you spend on advertising each year? *
How many total stores, blogs, pages, profiles, websites and such do you have related to your POD work? *
What is the best advice you have receieved when working with PODs, that should be passed on to other shopkeepers? *

The best advice I ever got from an old POD worker, which as times goes by I value more and more is: "Don't do what you think will get you more money. Instead do what you enjoy doing. If you like it people will see, and it will sale more."

I must admit I didn't believe it at first and tried to tap into the current trends in order to get sales. However, with time I noticed that when I really like the design it is easier for me to put more time and work on it, and it end up much better and get much more sales.

Therefore, right now I try to focus on niches and designs that I like and I'm not worried about trends or if I get sales or not. I know it will take some times till people will notice my new items, but once they will I hope it will sale nicely.

Do you prefer to work in silence or with sound? *
Complete Silence
What do you find influences your designs the most? Why do you make the niche or style that you make? *
I'm motivated by many things, and it changes as time goes on. I can be influence from something I see in the street, a saying made by my kids, from the time of the year, etc.

However, the thing that influence my the most are my dreams.
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