Sunday, April 7, 2013

Diane Clancy's Art

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Diane Clancy's Art
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Facebook is my current favorite way to advertise. It is delightful to to get fairly immediate feedback on what people like and don't like.

It is great when people offer name for some of my paintings when I haven't decided yet. I get really creative suggestions.

Polyvore and Wanelo are another fun way to connect with others and have my images (and links to the products) be spread around the internet. People make scenes with products in them at Polyvore and I love seeing how others have created sets using my work.

Pinterest is another social media that I like for promotion. There people create boards and share their own and others' products from Zazzle and Cafepress (and other places too).

A funny thing though, almost almost my networking on these sites start with my Facebook friends! It is like there is a spider web of connections made on Facebook that support my soft advertising around the internet.

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What is the best advice you have receieved when working with PODs, that should be passed on to other shopkeepers? *

Go ahead and get going on creating your products! Many people are concerned if a certain image will interest people or wonder if they should really create *that* product! I have heard so many people say they never thought anyone would be a certain image and yet they got a sale. Often we as shopkeepers don't know exactly what will sell.

For Zazzle, I have a hint. When you sign up, make sure you use the name that you want to have for your first shop - because that IS your first shop. And pay attention to capitals!! It is so much easier to read DianeClancyArt than dianeclancyart (I made that mistake :) )

For both Zazzle and CafePress (and other PODs also), really think about how you want to organize you shop or shops. You can have lots of shops for free at Zazzle, but then you also need to maintain them. So think about what is the way to maximize your presence. You can make shops based on images or products or ideas and probably more. Good luck!!

Do you prefer to work in silence or with sound? *
Complete Silence
What do you find influences your designs the most? Why do you make the niche or style that you make? *
I love color and always have! Spirituality and connection to Spirit and the Life Force are crucial to me. I want to be going within and expressing that connection.
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  • In bed
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