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Zazzle to me is a... *
Part time job I would like to make a full time job
What is the best advice you have received from a fellow shopkeeper about your shops or designs you would like to pass on to another shopkeeper? *
The best advice I have received was to use the title and descriptions to really sell the product to the customer. They are your chance to make contact with the customer, and they also can be a powerful way to increase your search results in the search engines.
I try to have as much information as I can in the title, describing the subject of the image, and what the product is to be used for. Maybe even who the recipient of the product is.
In the description box I try to describe the image as though to someone who cannot see.
What PODs do u currently use or have shops on? *
  • Zazzle
  • Greeting Card Universe (GCU)
What did you do with your free time before zazzle or other POD's....and what do you do with it now? *
Photography and gardening. I have a Canon 5d markII camera which I love. It was a great investment, and has repaid me for it's cost 1000 times over. I do a lot of photography that is just for me. Experimental stuff that may or may not work, but I enjoy doing it.
My garden is my escape from life. It is like another world of peace and tranquility. I grow lots of flowers and herbs.
Nowadays I am spending more and more time creating images to use in Zazzle. I really enjoy playing about in Photoshop, and the thrill when someone buys my pictures never diminishes!
What programs do you use to make your designs *
  • Photoshop (any version)
Tell us more about what you like and do not like about each software you use, what makes it special. *
I use Poser a lot. I tend to buy models from sites such as Renderosity, then import the images into Photoshop for combining and finishing. I have also tried Daz Studio, which is free, but I keep going back to Poser.
I have used Bryce on occasion when I have wanted a particular object and background. It is fun to work with.
I like Photoshop because it can do so much. I am always picking up new tips and techniques, and that gives me fresh ideas and inspiration.
I process a lot of photographs in Lightroom. It is much better than Photoshop for photos as it gives so much more control.
Will you make custom orders? *
Yes - but only for people I know personally
Elaborate on your answer above regarding custom orders... *
I have been let down by customers wanting changes to designs, being very picky about it, and then not buying them. The returns we get from individual items are so small that it is only feasible to do custom designs for guaranteed bulk orders. I may consider a custom design on a bulk order that was prepaid though.
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