Monday, August 27, 2012

Anderson Designs

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Anderson Designs
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Full time job - with part time pay
What is the best advice you have received from a fellow shopkeeper about your shops or designs you would like to pass on to another shopkeeper? *
Although I have learned so very much in the relatively short time that I have been a shopkeeper on Zazzle, one of the best pieces of advice that I've seen is to try to keep your shop as organized as possible. You may organize by design or by type of product or, as I have done, by a combination of both of these things. Having clearly labeled categories is a great benefit to both the customer and to yourself. Also change the category images to something more attractive than the gray file folder image that is the default. You want for your shop to look as inviting as possible.
What PODs do u currently use or have shops on? *
  • Zazzle
  • MySoti
What did you do with your free time before zazzle or other POD's....and what do you do with it now? *
Free time? What is that? When I used to have free time I enjoyed gardening, photography, reading and genealogy. Lately I've been working about 10 hours a day on Zazzle. I still enjoy reading if I find the time and I also do some photography in conjunction with my Zazzle work. I seldom find the time for genealogy anymore though.
What programs do you use to make your designs *
  • PSP (any version)
  • Illustrator
Tell us more about what you like and do not like about each software you use, what makes it special. *

I began using Adobe Illustrator CS5 in order to create artwork for stock agency submission. I learned how to use the software and have enjoyed illustration very much. It can be similar to drawing but there are also differences. The thing that I like most about Illustrator is the ease of editing an image. Changing a shape or color is a breeze and I also enjoy being able to work with multiple layers and also with clipping masks and transparency.

I've been using PaintShop Pro since before Corel bought them out. I think it is a very versatile program for photo editing and much less expensive than Photoshop. Lately I've been having some fun with reflection effects like kaleidoscope and patterns.

Will you make custom orders? *
Yes - sometimes free, sometimes fee required upfront
Elaborate on your answer above regarding custom orders... *
So far on Zazzle I have only done custom orders for free for people that I know, but I am open to doing custom orders for others if the opportunity were to present itself. I would do the work for free if I felt that the design would be useful for me to include in my store for public consumption, but if it were a specialty design of some sort without mass appeal, then I would probably want to charge a design fee.
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