Monday, July 9, 2012

Digi Dz Designs

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Digi Dz Designs
Zazzle to me is a... *
Hobby that occasionally pays
What is the best advice you have received from a fellow shopkeeper about your shops or designs you would like to pass on to another shopkeeper? *

Everything that Amy and all those who responded to my questions was advice that was "spot on" and enabled me to take a step back, revise and revamp my two shops so that they would make more sense to the shop visitor. The colors needed to pop, the categories needed rearranging, and the whole concept of how a shop should look (of which I was totally naive) needed a complete makeover. I was frustrated because I couldn't find answers in Zazzle but a team of savvy zazzlers made it all possible for me to take it step by step and work on improving the shops. I am very grateful to all those who participated in helping me to sort things out, because I had originally dived into the project without having a good grip on what to do, and consequently had put up 2 shops which left a lot to be desired.

What PODs do u currently use or have shops on? *
  • Zazzle
  • Greeting Card Universe (GCU)
  • Imagekind
  • Redbubble
  • Other
What did you do with your free time before zazzle or other POD's....and what do you do with it now? *

I've never had much free time to begin with since my profession is teaching. I have been an adjunct online language instructor for many years since retiring from full time teaching, and in between correcting exercises and compositions I would gravitate to chilling out by turning to art for relaxation, and with the hope of creating something interesting. I have always enjoyed photography and subsequently used my photographs to transform them into new visual creations, often representational but other times totally abstract. The designs in my current shops are abstract creations based on original photographs transformed through special software.

What programs do you use to make your designs *
  • Photoshop (any version)
  • Other raster software
  • Other vector software
  • Other photo-editing software
Tell us more about what you like and do not like about each software you use, what makes it special. *

I use a combination of software to create my images and designs, through various pre and post processing steps. I enjoy the versatility and challenging aspects of Studio Artist, a very sophisticated program which is a digital paint program, an image processing and photo manipulation program, a video processing program, a paint animation program, a procedural art generation program. It is "an incredibly rich sand box for artistic creative exploration and discovery" with a high learning curve. I have worked with it for years but have only scratched the surface of its possibilities, and that is with working almost exclusively with the paint program. There is so much more to delve into, the possibilities are endless but so tempting and exciting! I am never bored (sometimes frustrated though) when using this software because I know that there is a new discovery lurking around the corner, sometimes revealing itself in a "happy acc ident".

Will you make custom orders? *
Yes - prepaid only
Elaborate on your answer above regarding custom orders... *
I have not had the opportunity to do a custom order yet as there have been no inquiries regarding this possibility. However, should it come to pass that there is interest in doing a particular design, I would certainly entertain the idea of accommodating a client to the best of my ability. I don't know whether it would be a prepaid order or not so cannot be more specific at this time.
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