Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Country Corner

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Country Corner
How has zazzle changed your life? *
I eat, sleep, live and breathe Zazzle. It has opened up my eyes to the beauty in everything around me, and lets me see the world from a new perspective. Anything and everything is a potential product. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; textures, colors, scenes, expressions become something beyond themselves when placed perfectly on an iphone case or some other item. What is mundane or boring, everyday stuff to me could be exactly what someone is looking for and my next best seller.
Zazzle is a... *
  • Addiction
What advice would you share with a friend or family member if they wanted to join zazzle? *
Read & Learn about templates, making text areas template fields, and organizing before you get too carried away with product creation. You'll learn better by DOING, but try to really take your time learning the ropes in the beginning before you have hundreds of products that need to be fixed or moved.
What other PODs do you use? *
  • Cafepress
What do you do when you are not zazzling? *
I'm a wife and mom, living on a hobby farm, with a parttime job on the side. Life is good, but always busy! When I'm not Zazzling, I'm usually thinking about Zazzling. I enjoy being outside getting my hands dirty in the garden, photography, and of course family outings.
How many stores do you have on zazzle? *
Which do you prefer and why? 1 Mega Store or Several Niche Stores *

I chose to run niche stores, but as few as possible, and with quite broad themes. I think I ended up with fairly targeted keywords but still have enough leg room to expand in any direction that works, and to appeal to a wider audience. It also gives me what I consider a nice balance between product creation time and the advertising efforts a store requires. Customizing storefronts, creating category folders and organizing etc is not my strong suit, so I don't want multiple stores to manage that would take time away from the creative part I enjoy the most. A mega store would not work for me either, since I am not an orderly, organized person!

I usually work... *
  • On my laptop at a desk
A List of your stores *

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