Friday, October 7, 2011

Susan's Zoo Crew

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Susan's Zoo Crew
How do you create/edit the designs you place for sale on zazzle? *
  • Digital Camera
  • Hand drawn/painted/created & Scanned
  • Hand drawn/painted/created & Photographed
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Other
What is the most important thing you have learned since starting on zazzle? *
You can never tell what peoples' tastes are going to be, so dismissing a design idea because you wouldn't buy it is a bad idea. Every person has a different taste in color and design. I've learned to keep my eyes open and look at things I would have dismissed before, from art on walls to tshirt designs even to how invitations are set up.
Do you consider yourself an Artist selling art, or a Business person selling products which happen to be art? *
Both - every product contains art, even if it is not in my taste I will offer it for sale, since that is what the customers want
What do you enjoy most about zazzle? *
The great group of other artists, photographers, and designers willing to help each other out! And everyone is so varied, I'm into bonsai, music, and animals but get to talk to people into sports, abstract art, or even surfing!
When working on zazzle you... *
enjoy listening to music
What is your favorite thing to do when not Zazzling? *
Just one thing? Ok, right now, I like to take care of my plants, whether trimming the bonsai or encouraging the edibles to grow grow grow! My bonsai are these great succulents called Portulacaria afra for the most part, so they don't take much watering and I get to spend my "plant" time styling them. The edibles (currently 5 different types of hot peppers) have the reward of things to eat every few weeks!
What promotion do you use? *
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  • Blogger Blog(s)
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  • Facebook Profile(s)
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  • Squidoo(s)
  • Business Cards
  • Pinging
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