Friday, October 21, 2011

Dreadnot Kingdom

Store Name *
Dreadnot Kingdom
How do you create/edit the designs you place for sale on zazzle? *
  • Hand drawn/painted/created & Scanned
  • Hand drawn/painted/created & Photographed
What is the most important thing you have learned since starting on zazzle? *
I have learned patience. Patience in creating the piece of art, patience in the uploading to the product, patience in waiting for the sales.
Do you consider yourself an Artist selling art, or a Business person selling products which happen to be art? *
Artist - every product is a perfect piece of art i have carefully selected and set to match how I feel they should be displayed
What do you enjoy most about zazzle? *
I love seeing my artwork on the products, I really love it when I make a sale. I feel that justifies my choices and my talent. I also enjoy reading the forums as I am still very new at this (few months)
When working on zazzle you... *
enjoy listening to music
What is your favorite thing to do when not Zazzling? *
Painting, drawing and gardening occupy most of my spare time. I also do renovations during the daytime so the evening is my zazzle time.
What promotion do you use? *
  • Your own site(s)
  • Facebook Profile(s)
  • Facebook Page(s)
  • Business Cards
  • Theme Specific Forum(s)
  • Generic/Other Forums(s)
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