Wednesday, October 5, 2011

B K Muir graphic products

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B K Muir graphic products
How do you create/edit the designs you place for sale on zazzle? *
  • Digital Camera
  • Film Camera & Scanned
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
What is the most important thing you have learned since starting on zazzle? *
I have learned to really look at the image I am using. Make certain it is cleanly "cut out" - no pieces of original image left behind, no speckles to show on clean backgrounds.
Do you consider yourself an Artist selling art, or a Business person selling products which happen to be art? *
Business Person - everyproduct is an item to be sold
What do you enjoy most about zazzle? *
I love that we have "virtual" products. Not having to produce physical products to show, saves so much time and money.

When I did craft shows, I would put up my best images. Nearly every time, someone would ask something like:
do you have it on a different style,
do you have a different color,
When working on zazzle you... *
need complete silence to concentrate
What is your favorite thing to do when not Zazzling? *
Non-Zazzle time is spent working on my house and yard. I've lived here nearly 3 years now and the inside is almost done. The front yard is looking good, but the back yard needs lots of tender loving care.
What promotion do you use? *
  • Wordpress Blog(s)
  • Blogger Blog(s)
  • Facebook Page(s)
  • Business Cards
  • Pinging
  • Theme Specific Forum(s)
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