Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Female - age 40-55
What is something special your zazzle income allowed you to do/buy? *
My Zazzle income is generally used for bills, but it has several times afforded me the opportunity to contribute as a designer/marketer of my artwork and products to The Indie Exhibit, which is a group that provides the gift bags to celebrities and press at the big Hollywood Awards shows. I've also been able to contribute to some charities, when without this extra income, I would not have been able to do that.
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  • Desktop PC
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What is your best advice you can give on how to begin promoting? *
1. Set up a FaceBook FanPage and post to it regularly.
2. Set up a blog at www.blogger.com and post your new products to it regularly.
3. Set up a Squidoo Lens about your shop and ask other Zazzlers to visit, favorite, and lensroll it.
4. Don't spend too much time trying to promote "Show and Tell" in the Zazzle Forums.... mostly other Zazzlers hang out in there (its a great place to get help)... but most Zazzlers aren't the majority of the "buyers" you are looking for.
5. Pass out your business cards!
6. Tell everybody what you do.
8. Find blogs or Zazzlers who promote other Zazzlers, and link up!
9. Remember, it's called the "World-Wide-Web" for a reason... so just keep putting your shop link everyplace online you can: MySpace, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger, TheYellowPages.com, etc.
10. Have Fun, enjoy what you do... if you don't love it, it won't love you back! :)
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Multiple Stores
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What one design from your store would you love to see in a movie (on a actor or as part of a set or scene) & why? *
On a movie actor? Oh, thats a tough one. Maybe my "...and God said Let There Be Yee-HAW!" design. It's just text art, but it'd be so fun to see it on a celebrity, especially a country western star. Its available on tshirts, trucker caps and BBQ aprons too. :)
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