Friday, July 1, 2011


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Female - age 26-39
What is something special your zazzle income allowed you to do/buy? *
My new computer for one! What is most special about my Zazzle income is it is helping my little family on so many levels as we are considered low income, so we are finally getting our head above water! I so Love Zazzle and I am never going to stop being a zazzler!
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  • Desktop PC
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What is your best advice you can give on how to begin promoting? *
FaceBook! Twitter, social networking can do wonders! Zazzle friends are a must too :) I am still learning about promoting myself and have begun on Facebook and Twitter, thinking of doing squidoo as well, oh I need at least 5 clones for myself to get all that I want to do done!
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Multiple Stores
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What one design from your store would you love to see in a movie (on a actor or as part of a set or scene) & why? *
Maybe one of my ipad/iphone cases or shoes, thats a hard question! But I think that would just be absolutely amazing to see any of my designs on the silver screen! Maybe a peace sign design, peace is always awesome to share with the world!
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