Thursday, June 16, 2011


Your shopid/name *
When did you start zazzling? *
3+ years
What is something special you have bought - or would like to buy with your zazzle income? *
My goal for my creative business, including Zazzle, is to regain my earning capability after several years out of the workforce.

I want zazzle to be my
full time job
What types of education do you have that helps with Zazzle? *
  • Computers in College
  • Art in College
  • Marketing in College
  • Other Computer courses
  • Other Art Courses
  • Other Marketing Courses
  • On the Job Computer Experience
  • On the Job Art Experience
  • On the Job Marketing Experience
What is the best advice you have seen, or received about zazzling? *
Set goals for your shops, products and income and a plan to reach them. Research trends and plan your design goals.

Set a production schedule based on the dates you need to have products in your stores for holidays, events or just your goals.

Work backwards from that to create your daily/weekly design and product creation quotas.

Where do you live? *
North America - Not USA
What types or designs do you offer? *
  • Text & Handdrawn
  • Text & Clipart
  • Text & Photography
  • Text & Abstracts
List your shops *

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