Thursday, May 5, 2011

Star Stream Design

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Star Stream Design
Do you consider yourself? *
Female - age 40-55
What is something special your zazzle income allowed you to do/buy? *
It allowed me to be able to purchase my new Mac so I can Zazzle faster and even more than I ever did before.
I zazzle from my.... *
  • Desktop Mac
Where do you live? *
What is your best advice you can give on how to begin promoting? *
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you have a presence in various social media site. Don't be afraid to put yourself and your products out there.
One store or multiple stores? *
Multiple Stores
How many products do you have total? *
What one design from your store would you love to see in a movie (on a actor or as part of a set or scene) & why? *
I'd be thrilled if ANY of my products were in a movie/TV show. I'll say this iphone4 case because I think it looks modern & work well in a mystery movie featuring a murder in a really high end kitchen & match all the stainless steel appliances. It would look faboosh. :P
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