Saturday, November 20, 2010

florida shots

What is your name or shopid - that is the name of your shop NOT the url. this will be the title of your post. *
How long have you been with zazzle
<1 month
Is zazzle a hobby or job?
Part time job - i can really use the extra income
How much time do you put into zazzle?
5-10 hours per week - 1-2 hours a day
What is the most important advice you have received since starting at zazzle?
*25 words or more please *
I have been diligently reading everything on the forum and the tutorials trying to get a handle on things. I just signed up over the weekend -- and have spent so many hours trying to resize photographs to upload. The keyword advice has been the most crucial -- but I still need to fix some of these from the early time I was uploading.
Do you do any promotion? If so how do you promote?
*choose as many as apply *
  • Facebook
  • Tell everyone you know about zazzle & your shop
Do you set goals for yourself on zazzle?
Is zazzle hard work?
Yes Somewhat - it can be monotonous work to added new designs repeating the same steps for each one
How often do you look to see if you have a sale?
I have my emails set to alert me - by computer when home - and by phone when I am out
Please list your shop urls - no * and no rf please. Use the .com extension.


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