Thursday, November 11, 2010


Shop Name/Your Name *
Are you addicted to zazzle
Nope, I only work on zazzle once in a while (like when I am breathing)
Which format works best for you when organizing your store(s)
Catch all Store - with a variety of designs on different topics and subjects
Which is the best definition of your style
Quality over Quantity - a small variety of well designed products - I only add products that are 100% Perfect.
What advice would you give a new shopkeeper? (write as much or as little as you would like) *
In a few words:
Patience, Quality, Originality, Hard Work, a balance between today´s trends and your personal style, keep it simple...
What product in your store best matches your current mood? (link to product page please) *
Is zazzle a hobby or a job?
Hobby only - it is great that it makes money, but I would likely keep doing it even if it didn't.
List your shops - please include the http:// in from and use the .com extension

example *

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