Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bev's Designs

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Bev's Designs
How long have you been with zazzle
6-12 months
Is zazzle a hobby or job?
full time job - i am jumping in with both feet and hoping zazzle can replace a full time income for me in the near future
How much time do you put into zazzle?
40-60 hours per week - 8-12 hours per day
What is the most important advice you have received since starting at zazzle?
*25 words or more please *

I've gotten so much excellent advice from the forums that it's hard to say what was the most important. I would have to say though that what I have read that stuck with me the most is that is takes a lot of hard work, time and patience to be really successful. It's helped me to remain positive while putting in all the ground work. After that I would say the advice to make your own Quick Create templates. It's really not difficult and helps save hours of time. Also to try to think like your customers and work your designs for them and not yourself. My store would be pretty bland if I only designed what I wanted for me and besides it's actually fun to do things out of your normal "comfort zone" so to speak. Of course also to promote, promote & promote. That is my next challenge so I'll be back to the forums on a regular basis to really learn how to do that successfully. But I guess the most important thing is to have fun at what you do. Those that can do what they love and be successful are really fortunate.

Do you do any promotion? If so how do you promote?
*choose as many as apply *
  • I do not promote in any way at all
Do you set goals for yourself on zazzle?
Yes - to do one or more of the above
Is zazzle hard work?
Yes - it takes a lot of time and patience to get the designs just right on products so they will sell
How often do you look to see if you have a sale?
I have my emails set to alert me - by computer when home - and by phone when I am out
Please list your shop urls - no * and no rf please. Use the .com extension.


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