Monday, October 4, 2010

Audrey Jeanne's Expressions

How did you pick your store(s) name(s)?
(feel free to write up each shop name if they each have a story) *
Actually, I started using the name when I began in manufacturing gift ware years ago. Everything I did was text-related hence the "Expressions" part. As I shifted more into the internet marketing it came with me.
What forms of advertising do you use online? (check all that apply) *
  • Wordpress
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Search engine submissions
  • Forums/message boards (non zazzle)
  • Post in zazzles "ideas" forum
  • Other blogs
How much do you spend monthly on advertising? (include hosting fees domain fees) *
What are your 5 favorite designs from your store(s) and why?
(include the url to the product pages)
My newest design is always my current favorite!
This is my daughter and son-in-law's picture and the designs I created for their wedding scrapbook. I wish we would have known about Zazzle for their wedding invitations, if so, this would have been what I'd have created for them.
These are the Christmas Cards I'm going to order this year for our family, now all I have to do is get a family photo taken between now and then. This poinsettia was painted from life from a plant I found that had wonderful gently curling flowers. I managed to kill it eventually (as always) but have this flower to remember it by.
This is a saying I wrote because I am so NOT A MORNING PERSON! No one in our household is, it's dangerous around here pre-coffee.
Sock Monkeys are a personal favorite hearkening back to my own sock monkey that went with me absolutely everywhere!

Do you have shops on other PODs?
No - Zazzle is my 1st & only POD
What are your feelings on...Clipart, Stock-photos, Public domain images, or other LEGAL to use free or paid images/photos...being used in zazzle shops?
I do not use it but if it helps other people they should use it - not everyone is an artist
List your shops using the following format: - Shop Name - short description of shop * - Audrey Jeanne's Expressions - Our main store featuring clothing, wedding invitations, baby gifts and other strongly feminine designs created from Audrey Jeanne Roberts' hand water colored art work. - Everything Business - As our name implies, this shoppe focuses on everything someone might need for a successful business promotion. We have the usual business cards, stationery and correspondence cards, but we've also designed work shirts and aprons to help brand your business. All created from the hand painted art work of Audrey Jeanne Roberts.


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