Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tinker Place

You name or Shopid *
Tinker Place
Which PODs do you work with? (in no particular order *
  • cafepress
  • zazzle
  • 3drose
  • spreadshirt
  • redbubble
How long have you been working with PODs? *
What is the best thing about working with PODs *
Getting paid first and foremost is the reason I do this. I like seeing the results, love it when a art piece comes out better than I thought. Apprecate the help from friends I have come to know through working with these POD's. I think it is a great opportunity for people who are stay at home moms, disabeled, even young adults learning how to make it in business today. It can be a start or a finish to your career or even a part time job. If its not fun for me it is not worth it, its still fun so I will stick around for a bit more. Thanks
How many hours do you spend on your POD(s) - including designing, adding & promoting - on average *
40-50 hours per week
what would you say to another POD artist who is struggling and in need of motivation? *

If you are expecting instant gratification don't waste your time. It can take years to start making money that is notible. With the thousands of new stores and artists you have to find something people want and do it better than anyone else. Take your time and do not add a design to everything just because you can. Pick what fits your design the best. Check every designs for clarity by blowing it up to the actual size. Be patient and read whatever you can about those who make it. Check out their stores and learn by them , be polite and reciprocate with blogs, networks promoting others. It is a way to get your work out there, and meet great people. Learn as much as you can about promoting your work as said previously, the market is huge nowadays with these kinds of stores.. Thanks for the opportunity to share me experiences with you. Tink


Do you have any formal training or education in POD related fields? *
  • Yes, Formal - Graphic Arts
  • Yes, Formal - Art
  • Yes, Formal - computer related services
If I won the super jackpot lottery tomorrow I would... *
close all my POD shops
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