Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fancie's Heart

Your name or shop name as you wish to be identified *
Fancie's Heart
How much time do you work on your shops per week on a normal week *
30-40 hours
In a normal week do you work on your shop *
3-4 days
when I work: *
I have a set amount of time but i am flexible and sometimes work less or more
choose which statement is closest to how you feel *
I just work on what is in front of me and what i feel like doing that day with no set goal to accomplish it
your 1st tip to getting work done and/or staying organized *
For getting work done first I would suggest to set a routine. Have a certain time to work on the days you have available. I take my kids to school, and when I get home I turn on my morning radio show and start plugging away until it's time to pick them up. I do this most days. The second would be simply just to start. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, but once you do that first whatever it gets easier to stay going. kinda like riding a bike. But don't forget to take breaks! Burn out can be your worst enemy. I like to listen to ted talks in the background while I work to give me that extra push and motivation to keep going.
your 2nd tip to getting work done and/or staying organized
I use excel for most of my organization. I also have a calendar to give me an idea of what the week will be like (the kid's days off effect my work and such) and a binder to keep a few odds and end things that are not in the computer. I have a profit sheet in excel in which I put in my sales each day, and will give me an estimate as to what I might be getting paid at the end of the month. I also have a list of my designs which tells me where I am at when it comes to putting designs up, when they where made, when they where last updated, the title, description, keywords and when those where last updated. I also put any links I may have to it's public domain resource if I happened to use one for the design.
A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *
A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *

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