Monday, March 23, 2015


Your name or shop name as you wish to be identified *
How much time do you work on your shops per week on a normal week *
20-30 hours
In a normal week do you work on your shop *
5-6 days
when I work: *
I work as short or long as i am i have that day
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I just work on what is in front of me and what i feel like doing that day with no set goal to accomplish it
your 1st tip to getting work done and/or staying organized *
Something I always try to do is to set things to repost from one single post. For example: - I use Polyvore a lot to promote my products in nice show sets and when I do them I choose post to blogs, in Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and my Facebook pages. I also come back to them on a regular basis and tweet them for more coverage.
In Polyvore you can also make collections of your products, I have a collection of throw pillows, cute stuff for kids, wedding invitations and many others which I regularly update with new products/designs
These collections can be used any time to show off your collected products on any of your blogs, Facebook and Twitter.
Polyvore is just one of many ways you can get your products seen over a wide area without spending too much time away from the thing the love most, designing!
A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *
A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *

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