Sunday, April 5, 2015

Auntie Shoe

Your name or shop name as you wish to be identified *
Auntie Shoe
How much time do you work on your shops per week on a normal week *
40-60 hours
In a normal week do you work on your shop *
7 days
when I work: *
I have a set amount of things to accompish each day that should take roughly the same amount of time, so sometimes it is more or less
choose which statement is closest to how you feel *
I never have enough time to complete my goals each week
your 1st tip to getting work done and/or staying organized *

Being informed is a big part of your new career. Each POD has different rules and ways of doing things. Read your emails from the PODs FIRST. An urgent change from any POD, can change your work plans for the day. If the urgent item takes several hours for you to complete, it is better to have that information at the beginning of the day and not the end. It will help you plan your work time for the day.

The same holds true for forums, Facebook threads, Google hangouts, etc. Skim it at the beginning of the day to help plan your time.

Be careful, though, forums and Facebook and other social media can be, if not used effectively, become enormous time wasters. Be sure to balance any socializing you do with actual productive work.

your 2nd tip to getting work done and/or staying organized

Use folders on your computer with reckless abandon.

As your business grows, so will your designs. Some PODs will require different file formats than others. You will.have color or text variations of some designs.

To avoid where-the-heck-is-that-itis, organize your designs.

You can do this by POD, design, colors, whatever you want.

I'm my case, organization is simple. Most of my designs are flag oriented. One folder for each country.

Then, inside the country's folder, one for each design.

In each design folder you can organize by POD, text colors, etc.

It is vital that you organize in some way, otherwise you will spend endless hours wasting time looking for the item you need in order to do your work.

So, please be sure you have all your images in a way that they can easily be found when you need them.

It might just save your hair from being pulled out in frustration.

A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *
A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *

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