Sunday, April 19, 2015

Amanda Rain

Your name or shop name as you wish to be identified *
Amanda Rain
How much time do you work on your shops per week on a normal week *
30-40 hours
In a normal week do you work on your shop *
3-4 days
when I work: *
I have a set amount of time but i am flexible and sometimes work less or more
choose which statement is closest to how you feel *
I just work on what is in front of me and what i feel like doing that day with no set goal to accomplish it
your 1st tip to getting work done and/or staying organized *

Concentrate on one thing only at a time until you have completed it . try not to get side tracked , once you do it is too hard to go back and pick up where you left off... Spend one day a week promoting. Keep templates up to date ..Only add products that suit the products you want to sell. I think it is pointless add a design to every single product .. and do take the time to make sure things are not just slapped on . take some pride in your work. eventually you will shine though all the crap out there . Oh and I stopped trying to think what the customer wants or if anyone will like my stuff ,that is just more added stress. you don't need . I work for me . I enjoy it . and if someone buys it great . if they don't well it doesn't bother me . I

your 2nd tip to getting work done and/or staying organized

keep folders and designs organized. I now do all my shop and comp folder by year . Make sure you back it all up on an external.. . People say don't delete but I don't care I delete anything that is crap even old sections of designs I did years ago. It hasn't affected my ranking and I even went as far as pulling down a whole shop I had had for a few years and started from scratch.. It is now my best selling shop after 2 1/2 years . and was worth the effort ... try to update a few old sections a week if you can.. and ten tags or phrases is all you need so make sure they are effective. Did I mention coffee ? yes .. I can't work without it ... I used to make little work lists ,being an anal organizer.. but I always failed in completing them because I was like a bull in a china shop, which made me feel defeated . these days I am much more relaxed in my approach to my work. and the results show .

your 3rd tip to getting work done and/or staying organized

plenty of coffee. Take time out for you . After years of slogging away up to 14 or more hours a day .I finally just one day stopped . now I work in the mornings and got to the beach in the afternoon and cook a nice meal . after that I rarely feel like working again .and after a good nights sleep I get more done in 5 hours the next morning than I used to get done in a whole day .. and seriously unless you have a facebook business page . don't waste your time posting products in groups . no one looks at them and if they do well they are your competitors your time could be utilized much more efficiently .. . in your spare time try to learn . photoshop and get some more skills or develop your own style and perfect it .

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A link to 1 product in one of your shops on zazzle *

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