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You name or Shopid *
Which PODs do you work with? (in no particular order *
  • zazzle
  • other not listed
How long have you been working with PODs? *
6-8 years
What is the best thing about working with PODs *
It seems to be the only venue where I can sell my art, photos and cartoons. For many months, I did nothing to my site. Then in 2010 I added two stores, which didn't do much. In 2011, I crossed $100 in sales. In 2012 I added another 175.00 or so in sales. In early 2013, I am a few bucks away from $300.00 total gross sales and bonuses. Now, I have a dozen stores, and I hope to have them all fully stocked before summer.
I am able to add to my products by coming up with "sayings" that primarily were uttered by my wife.
How many hours do you spend on your POD(s) - including designing, adding & promoting - on average *
10-15 hours per week
what would you say to another POD artist who is struggling and in need of motivation? *

I would begin by saying, " This is not a way to try to earn significant income. This is only a fun way to earn extra bucks.
"There are over hundreds of thousands of 'store owners/keepers' in Zazzle alone. All of us hope to carve out a significant share of sales, but this won't happen if you give up.
"Some SKs (Store Keepers) are pretty successful, now, but they had to struggle. Think about your keywords and titles. These can do a lot to get your products within the first two or three pages of the marketplace search engine.
"Learn who the truly successful SKs are. Look at their products, and the keywords posted for these. (You can find the keywords near the bottom of the product page.) Do they make sense? If you were looking in the marketplace for a product like the one you're looking at, what words would you use to find it? Now apply this to your product.
"For example, I have a cartoon about a Texas-sized mosquito oil-field driller. Because of the punchline, I can use energy-production, oil-production, entomology, and medical laboratories.
"Finally think about the product name. Here's my secret: I keep the name fairly short. I use the same name for the same design on every product. And I put the 'prime keyword' in the title. The title has a lot to do with getting on the first two or three pages in the marketplace.
"This isn't rocket science. It's t-shirts and mousepads. There are millions of SKs in the internet, all trying to get the attention of the buyers. In the beginning, be happy if you attract any attention at all."

Do you have any formal training or education in POD related fields? *
  • Yes, Formal - Graphic Arts
  • No - I am self taught
If I won the super jackpot lottery tomorrow I would... *
Keep working my POD's for fun
My zazzle stores are:

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