Sunday, December 5, 2010

polo pony design

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Polo Pony Design
How long have you been with zazzle
6-12 months
Is zazzle a hobby or job?
Part time job - i can really use the extra income
How much time do you put into zazzle?
5-10 hours per week - 1-2 hours a day
What is the most important advice you have received since starting at zazzle?
*25 words or more please *
The best advice that I've been given is to keep going even when things don't seem to be picking up. I'm not a naturally patient person so I tend to want everything to happen at once. Businesses take time to develop and it is usually worth the wait!
Do you do any promotion? If so how do you promote?
*choose as many as apply *
  • Tweet/twitter
  • Host a website
  • Contribute to non-zazzle forums
  • Facebook
  • Submit to top 100 sites
Do you set goals for yourself on zazzle?
Yes - to reach proseller
Is zazzle hard work?
No - zazzle is fun and stress relieving I could do this all day long...and sometimes I do!!
How often do you look to see if you have a sale?
I have my emails set to alert me - by computer when home - and by phone when I am out
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