Saturday, February 9, 2013

CW Designs - CritterCreationsbyCW

You name or Shopid *
CW Designs - CritterCreationsbyCW
Which PODs do you work with? (in no particular order *
  • zazzle
  • greeting card universe
  • inktastic
  • fine art america
How long have you been working with PODs? *
2-3 years
What is the best thing about working with PODs *

The best thing about working with PODs is the ability to work any time you want, earn money from you artwork, I don't have to deal with packaging or shipping, and most of all sharing your designs with the world and having "others" enjoy your artwork enough to buy products for gifts for family, friends or just because!

Why is it exciting and why do I keep doing it?

I love it, all of it! I love coming up with new designs, I love zazzles "sold your item has been purchased" emails, and I love they add new product lines, even though I never have enough time to add them all LOL!! I wouldn't want to do anything else, it is my calling and I enjoy every bit of it, I only wish I had more hours in the day to do it all.

How many hours do you spend on your POD(s) - including designing, adding & promoting - on average *
30-40 hours per week
what would you say to another POD artist who is struggling and in need of motivation? *

Never give up!! Everything takes time and Rome wasn't built in a day, so believe in yourself and keep on going!! Keep on adding new designs and new products everyday, even if it is only a few!

I know that all of us when we first start out are not as good at design etc and we all get better as time goes. The more we do something the better we get at it!! Always set a goal, at least for me it helps to keep me motivated, to try to meet my goal even if I fall short of it.

When I first started out I knew nothing of graphic design, ppi, and all that goes along with it and it less than 2 years I have come a long way. My first goal was to replace the money I was making as a polymer clay artist on ebay, I loved my work but the packaging and shipping, paperwork and custom orders took a toll on me to the point I could no longer keep up with the demand and needed something that would not be so physically or time demanding on me, that is when I found Zazzle. It took me a year to finally make the transition and I did meet my goal of replacing my clay sculpture income and have branched out to add other POD sites with my artwork and have not been happier with my decision to do graphic design and POD!! It has changed my life for the better, so don't give up!

Do you have any formal training or education in POD related fields? *
  • No - I am self taught
If I won the super jackpot lottery tomorrow I would... *
Keep working my POD's for fun
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