Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shopaholic Chick

What are 5 things everyone should know about you?
1 - I grew up surrounded by art, my Grandfather was a professional artist, and my mom teaches art in a high school.
2 - I love to travel, I have been to majority of the states in the US, Mexico, South Africa, and several countries in Europe - If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Heidelberg Germany
3 - I have degrees in Criminal Justice & History
4 - I can crochet - but only scarves
5 - I am a published Illustrator. a friend of mine wrote a book which I illustrated - of course the skill qualification was that I could draw like an 8 year old child - because that was the perspective the book was written from - it is called "My Mommy has PTSD" and can be purchased on currently

How long have you been with zazzle & how did you get here?
I started with Zazzle in December 2008, when I decided the other POD I had been with since 2005 was changing the rules too rapidly. Luckily for me I got a majority of my designs moved over before the big rush of others moved from that previous POD. I started with my first POD because a friend was doing so well she convinced me to try it out...and now I am hooked!

What is your favorite design and why?

I think my favorite are my carbon footprint designs - they took me like a week to make the template design with the thousands little tiny footprints placing each pair perfectly randomly that they would interlock not leaving big gaps or holes - after a while i thought i was going blind but once done i think the effect is astonishing!!

What program do you use to make your designs?
Photoshop 7.0, I have use illustrator a little bit and I had Photoshop CS4 - but i didn't like how it looked - and i couldn't find things when i needed them - so I went back to my old version!

If you had to pick any one gift from zazzle that was NOT on your own store to give someone else for their birthday what would it be?
I would have to get this shirt for my mom - the way the cat follows her around it is perfect for her LOL

What are your stores?

Shopaholic Chick * Graduation Station * Binderific * Kiki Kitty * Edibility * Peace People * Same Sex Marriage * Triple Goddess * Anime Nation * What If... * Occupation Station * Chasing the Gnome * Left Handed Cards * That's My Baby * B is for Birds

Pick 3 products to have Featured

Just one of those days print
Just one of those days by shopaholicchick
Shop the other artwork at

KiKi Cross Bones kedsshoe
KiKi Cross Bones by KiKiKitty
Create Keds canvas shoes online at zazzle

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